5 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Have A Tantric Massage

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5 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Have A Tantric Massage

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Massage is an ancient art of nurturing wellbeing. It was probably first mentioned in China in 2700 BCE, from which it spread to the Middle East, Greece, and India. The goal of the massage is to manipulate soft tissues of the body so that it gets relaxed, stress and pain free, calm and quiet.
Tantra massage, one of the best forms and ventures of massage, can help you explore the hidden fantasy and pleasures. It gives you total body, mind relaxation that you have never experienced before.

Tantric Massage can help you deal with depression and anxiety
Two neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine, have direct connection to depression. A balanced amount of serotonin is required to keep the body in a steady mode, and dopamine has an effect on the desire to get things done or not. A perfectly accomplished massage is dramatically impactful and its effects is instantly perceived. It can boost these neurotransmitters to help fight the effects of depression. Tantric Message not only lowers the levels of cortisol (known as stress hormone), but also makes one feel calm and relaxed. One will immediately feel like they have lifted spirits with the knock on effect of lowered blood pressure.

Emotional healing
Emotional detoxification is one of the major focuses of the tantric massage. It is to detoxify yourself from those negative emotions that can hinder your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health. A state of bliss can only be accomplished by letting the past traumatic emotions go off and a tantric massage can help you get rid of the mental state that holds back from feeling happy and ecstatic. Tantra actually helps regulate the production of hormones like dopamine for your circadian cycle and oxytocin to feel good.

Profound Pleasure
Tantra turns relaxation into excitements and it helps you experience sensual and sexual pleasure in the absence of anxiety, stress, trauma or tension. It is about learning to follow energy without preconceptions and letting go of expectations. It is about raising the sexual energy into the heart and spirit it centres, surrendering to ecstatic energy. It’s all about giving and receiving pleasure.

Tantric Massage improves Sleep
Feeling stressed, overworked and under pressure is a very common problem for many, and sleep problems are the most common consequence.
Research shows that Tantric massage:
Provides a holistic relaxation
Relieves the tension in the muscles
Boosts energy and combats lethargy
Improves range of movement and flexibility
Improves blood circulation
Improves cellular function
Excretes waste from the body Boosts motivation

Tantric massage is spiritual. It is designed to push people to the altitude of deep relaxation and pleasure. When at the point of orgasm, masseuses purposefully ease off, and repeat this tactic many times. The end effect is supreme.

Improves Sexual Drive
Climaxes during sexual encounters are significant; it takes one through an ethereal world. Through tantric massage, the potential of a person to have an orgasm during sexual encounters will be amplified. It uplifts your energy to make you more powerful. The more profound the Tantric massage, the higher the blissful state one attains; the higher the chances of one to experience a full-blown orgasms.
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