Royal Tantric Ritual

Royal Tantric Ritual

For those you are looking for something very special, now you can expect a deeply relaxing and very sensual experience for 3 hours. Relax your body and mind and be ready to enter in my world of relaxation..

Lose yourself in a fabulous adult relaxation therapy, you deserve to be honored through my amazing touch, tantra is inviting you to welcome pleasure. While I am clearing and purifying with white sage our bathroom space and our mind from negative energy you are surrounded by gentle meditation music, candles light, tibetan sound bowl and incense, you will slowly drift into another world, a special place where all your problems and worries will ease away.

Rock salt

Exclusive Tantric Massage Experience in Dubai

First hour: Tantric Bathing Ritual

A ritual natural Himalayan salt bath with candlelight, soft meditation music, fresh strawberries and the scent of essential oils has always been the most beautiful introduction to Tantra massage..

This bathing ceremony calms down, harmonizes the energy system, relaxes, and heals. It helps with stress and exhaustion; you and I will be enjoying this very relaxing introduction ceremony in my large bathtub.:

Second hour: Time for your Tantra massage

A cozy and intimate candle atmosphere with a beautiful melody playing in the background creates a special feeling, you would let yourself discover a completely new level of pleasure, I will help you to relax and find yourself in the world of pleasure. .

Third hour: Deluxe Tantric Reverse Nude Massage

Enjoy your soothing massage and reciprocate the tender moment by giving me an unforgettable experience and pleasure…. time to experience this incredible and erotic secret moment together, I am yours… please me…

Donation for this fabulous option: 7000 AED (Duration 3 hours)
Please note that from now I accept Crypto payments as well.

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