Tantric Massage for Couple

Tantric Massage for Couple

Tantric & Sensual Nude Massage for Couples in Dubai

Exclusive nude tantric and sensual nude massage for couples by sensual French female tantric expert in Dubai, an ultimate experience to share.

Perfect for couples who like the tease of a third person in the picture, let you be seduced into a world of sensuality, magic, and tenderness. I provide the opportunity to share an erotic massage experience together; this is a fully nude massage session.

At the beginning, I will communicate with you both, so we can determine what kind of touch you need and establish any boundaries, so you are completely comfortable.

With that basis of safety and trust built, you can watch how I give your partner this beautiful tantric massage experience. I massage the woman first and then the man. While I massage one person, the partner can watch and or participate, I of course welcome you to interact with your partner as fully as you like, I continue to touch and caress, everyone loves a helping hand or two.

I will use a variety of moves to help the body relax, and ease muscle tension. Included in this session is Lingam and Yoni massage. Depending on your preferences, you will again have the choice of letting me take one or both of you into the realms of sexual gratification, or you can take part in giving your partner this highly intimate, pleasurable gift.

This whole massage experience will make you feel good about being with your partner on both an emotional and sexual level. This massage stimulates the release of the ‘feel-good’ hormones, which boost the emotions of intimacy and affection. A lovely relaxed feeling away from daily routine and stress, discretion, hygiene, quality massages are my priority.

Tantric special couples

Exclusive Tantric Massage Experience in Dubai

Sensual Couple Massage: Nude erotic oily full body massage, a special experience for you as a couple: The two of you immersed into a sensual world and experiencing your partnership a new relaxing and stimulating at the same time until satisfaction… AED 5000 (2 to 3/hours)

Special option:

“Enjoy the exclusive adventure and enrich your relationship with unforgettable enjoyment”

For open mind and adventurous couples that want to explore and experience a deep pleasure and double the fun…

You would like to spice up our session even more and enjoy an intense pleasure? It’s possible, let a male tantric masseur being with us for our maximal excitement…we will be able to craft a treatment that is tailored to your respective needs and pleasure points.

This special option is a great choice when you want to try something new in your partner’s life, get to know your limits and give to your relationship a new feeling, it is a unique experience of complicity!

I can arrange that with an extra charge; I have a fantastic trustable partner who can join us…let me know and enjoy this exclusive relaxing pleasurable adventure!

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