Preventive Measures Against COVID-19

COVID-19, what precaution do I take?

Mask is now Optional


My reputation and clients’ health are of huge importance to me, so I’ll take all the recommended precautionary measures.

I am proud to announce that I have been vaccinated against coronavirus and following all the restrictions in my daily life. My last travel was on March 2020 and still isolated myself as much as I can.

Please avoid booking with me if you feel unwell. By abstaining from booking, you will protect not only me but my future clients as well. I reserve the right to refuse to perform the massage if I believe you are exhibiting any symptoms.

My guests are requested to wear a mask at their arrival, I have a touchless thermometer; I will be taking your temperature and you will immediately sanitize your hands, then I will strongly encourage you to remove your shoes and wear slippers.

I limit one client per day, I am very strict with hygiene, my bed sheets, towels and slippers are sanitized and always renewed after a session. I Increased my frequency of cleaning with disinfecting chemicals that have been proven effective in preventing the transmission of COVID-19.

As always, caring for you is my top priority, if you aren’t able to wear a mask at your arrival or you do not consent to having your temperature taken, then I cannot provide the service.

Please confirm that to your knowledge you have not come into contact with anyone with symptoms in the previous 14 days prior to your appointment, that if you have contracted Covid-19 and fully recovered, that you are now virus free and it is at least three weeks since your recovery. You must be 100% clear of all symptoms before you visit me.

I thank you for your corporation, please stay safe and follow the safety measures.