What is Thai Massage? All You Need to Know

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February 29, 2024
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What is Thai Massage? All You Need to Know

Thai Full Body Massage

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Thai massage has been practiced for over 2500 years as the most relieving and therapeutic technique. With its influence from Ayurveda in India and traditional Chinese herbs, Thai full-body massage has now flourished and become a much-demanding massage in Dubai. It’s a full-body massage with various therapeutic oils that focus on tension muscles.
Now, who wouldn’t like to receive soothing from one of Dubai’s most qualified and talented masseuses? Therefore, to get an authentic Thai massage experience, you must know about it to feel it with full consciousness. Here’s an in-depth guide that will inform you about what happens in Thai massage.

Relaxing Thai massage

What is Thai Massage?

Thai massage refers to a therapeutic massage style where you will have it on a mat floor. As opposed to conventional massage types that are performed on a massage table, it’s a ground-based massage. You are no longer supposed to remove all your clothes to get it done.
The masseuses keep the body in a yoga position. They generally use their thumbs, elbows, forearms, and sometimes feet to massage the muscles with tension. By combining stretching and pulling, they try to release the tension, enhance blood flow, and improve muscle flexibility.
The therapists use Ayurvedic and herbal oils in this massage technique. These conventional medicines were passed down from generation to generation, thereby keeping their roots. Many Thai massage spas in Dubai offer the most traditional Thai massage.

What Happens in Thai Massage?

So many things happen in a Thai full-body massage. This ancient healing massage has various ways to relieve and satisfy clients. Here are a few of the primary things that therapists do.

Stretching and Bending

Stretching is one of the first things done in a Thai massage. Sitting in a restorative posture, the therapists will stretch your whole body from various angles using their palms, fingers, and feet. They may also make you bend to lengthen the muscles more. The ultimate objective of this technique in Thai massage is to extend the muscles and loosen up the often stuffed ligament joints.


In this particular technique, the masseuses use their fingers to press the key area with muscle tension and overlapping. The deep pressure with the fingers stimulates pain release, thereby giving the massage receiver deep relief. First, there will be light pressure, and then the therapist will gradually increase the pressure depending on the comfort level.

Sen Lines Compressing

Sometimes, the body’s lines get blocked, which results in ultimate discomfort and disruption. That’s why, in a Thai massage spa, the therapists use compressing and acupressure techniques to stimulate the blockage areas for better energy flow. They compress the sen line areas with their palms, elbows, thumbs, and feet.


Sequencing refers to the order of the massage techniques performed step by step in specific positions. For example, starting from the supine, side-lying position or initiating the message down to the feet and then advancing it towards the abdomen to the upper section of the body. However, this sequencing technique depends on the therapist and the client based on their preferences.

Usage of Toksen and Japsen

In a Thai full-body massage, the masseuses sometimes use wooden tools like Toksen and Japsen to massage the body. These are great tools for foot reflexology and pain relief at various pressure points. Sen line areas and other joint areas are treated with these.

Different Types of Thai Massages

You will be thrilled to see the variety of Thai massage types available in Dubai. Each with its own uniqueness lets people have the most relaxing experience. Here are a few of them mentioned below:

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai yoga massage is a traditional Thai massage that focuses on yogic therapy through massage. The receiver is supposed to be in various yoga positions, lying on a mat, and the therapist stimulates the body by stretching and bending. Thus, the body’s energy pathway opens up, and it becomes more flexible to blood and oxygen flow.

Thai Pinda or Luk Pra Kob Massage

This is an herbal and medicine-based Thai full-body massage in which ‘pindas’ are used to relax the whole body. Here, ‘pindas’ refer to a mixture of various Ayurvedic herbs and therapeutic oils wrapped in a muslin cloth. These pindas are warmed or steamed. Then, the masseuses press the ‘pindas’ gently on the body. This helps to detoxify and hydrate the body.

Thai Foot Massage

Thai foot massage is basically foot reflexology. The therapists use their thumbs and toksen tools to massage the foot and lower leg areas. It reduces soreness and pain in the heel. Since feet are the most pressured areas on a daily basis, a foot massage promotes good blood flow and circulation throughout the body.

Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage is one of the best ways to heal damaged tissues and relieve pain and muscle tension. Massage stones of 3-3.15 inches are used in this type of massage. The rocks are heated and then gently pressed against the problematic areas. This heat and pressure technique, which massages the whole body, makes the muscles feel relaxed and free from pain. This is one of the most demanding massages in Dubai Thai massage spas.

Thai Deep Tissue Massage
A deep tissue massage is an excellent form of losing the stuffed muscles that need to be released. Some stretching and kneading methods are used to improve the damaged tissues. It targets the deepest layers of your muscle tissues and relieves the pain. Any area with pain and damage needs to be treated with this technique. It breaks the muscle knots and enhances blood flow throughout the body.

Benefits of Thai Full Body Massage

Thai full-body massage is the most ancient therapeutic technique for relieving soreness and pain. It has innumerable physical and psychic benefits. Let’s explore them.

  • All the stretching and bending in Thai massage relaxes the muscle tissues and removes stiffness and soreness.
  • This massage helps the body to maintain a good oxygen flow and enhances blood circulation throughout the body. 
  • It makes the mind more calm and provides mindfulness. You will feel a deep connection between your body and mind. 
  • You can’t imagine the amount of improvement you will get if you have sleeping problems. Thai massage makes the body so relieved that you will get a good night’s sleep for sure.
  • Reducing stress and anxiety also increases energy. It makes the body more flexible and rejuvenated.
  • This massage is an excellent remedy for back pain, muscle pain, joint pain, and severe tissue damage.


Thus, this ancient technique of massage heals the body in a physical and psychological way. A Thai massage can help you release all the stresses and anxieties stored in your body, making you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. With many Thai massage options in our Dubai Thai massage spas, you will get a unique and satisfying Thai massage. So, connect your body and mind by taking a mindful Thai massage session only in Dubai.