5 Tips for Dating an Elite French Masseuse in Dubai

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October 30, 2019
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5 Tips for Dating an Elite French Masseuse in Dubai

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Have you ever wondered how it feels to date an elite masseuse? Have you ever felt a gentle sensation when you come to know that the good looking woman you’ve been talking to at a party is a massage therapist? Wouldn’t you love to experience a romantic dinner date with the masseuse who blows your mind every time you visited her? Following are a few suggestions on what it is really like to date a massage therapist.

For an elite masseuse, the job always comes first.
Be practical to accept that Job always comes first for her. Don’t be possessive or jealous of her job or frustrated on not getting “you-are-all-mine” treatment. There are people who need a massage and they are her loyal clients. Get used to it; read the tips so that you can potentially become the ideal boyfriend, or at least get a date.

Your time may not match with hers
If you have a 9 to 5 job, it’s quite likely that your schedules doesn’t match with hers. You may want some leisure time to enjoy her company, but by them she may be snowed under with work, which may continue till late night. Therefore, plan accordingly. The scenario changes if you spare your valuable time for her. She is exclusive and worthy of a dinner date and massage.

Don’t expect daily massages from her
If you are expecting daily massages, then you should think twice before dating this gorgeous looking masseuse because it just won’t happen. You can sometimes induce your way into getting an occasional massage by cooking an delicious meal or planning a wonderful all inclusive holiday. In return you may have some unprofessional and non-technical massage that will help you unwinding yourself. She is exclusive and her availability for you is exclusive.

Have some fun leisure activity together
Massage therapists are highly active and motivated persons who are kind to people and thrive on social interaction. So if you plan some fun activity like Ice-skating, bowling, singing, dancing together, it may help you score better to be a compassionate potential boyfriend. Organise a cooking class, go shopping or book a short trip of her choice. The bottom line is please her before she pleases you with the ultimate pleasure and sensation through her body-to-body massage.

Massage therapists love an organised diary- yes, an appointment first.
You shouldn’t ask for free massages, it is a job, and although the masseuse do possess certain skills that may help you have a very rewarding intimate life, but you shouldn’t expect a free massage. Take an appointment to have a massage and I promise your such behaviour will give you some extra score to be a perfect boyfriend, especially if you are trying to make a good impression. Ask for her business card, check her website to make her feel about her importance.
So, keep practicing and if you play by the rules above, you will definitely get the ultra sensual erotic massage at the end of the day.