The 8 FAQ’s about Erotic Massage in Dubai

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August 30, 2019
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The 8 FAQ’s about Erotic Massage in Dubai

So, you haven’t taken erotic massage before and want to know more about it? Or, you are someone who has formed perception of based on a few Internet stories of so-called personal accounts?

I’m glad that you stopped by my blog. Let me begin by saying that erotic massage is rooted in antiquity. It is not something that came to practice post the rise of Hugh Hefner! Men and women have been benefited with this sacred form of massage for hundreds of years. In recent years, it has taken the U.A.E by storm, with growing number of self-aware men seeking these services. And the number is rising manifold. Considering the kind of positive impact it has on our body, it is a no surprise. Erotic Massage doesn’t just feel amazing, they have many benefits for both the body as well as mind.

In this post, I am answering some of the unanswered questions about erotic massage…

Erotic massage FAQ’s
What is the minimum age to consider to have an erotic massage?
Due to the sexual and intimate nature,  you must be over the legal age of consent to receive an erotic massage. As far as I am concerned, I prefer men above the age of 22. There is nothing offensive about the age. It just is that I ensure you make the best use of the massage service I provide. I prefer my clients bringing along a form of photographic identification (passport, driving licence) to ensure you are above the legal age. This protects both my clients as well as me.


Is Erotic Massage some sort of Yoga?

The answer is no! Though there are maneuvers that can be related to Tantric massage, but it is indeed not at all about performing erotic yoga on the massage receiver. The very purpose of this massage is to help you unwind, explore your hidden sexual fantasies and experience the ultimate pleasure.

Is Erotic Massage all about SEX 

Of course not. Calling it just a sex session demean the very purpose it serves. It is true that at the end of the erotic massage session you experience the greatest possible orgasm. Often, the receiver indulges in love making with the masseuse; however, it all depends. Often an erotic massage ends up without sexual penetration. The focus is on pleasure and relaxation. Sex is not everything in erotic massage.

Does the masseuse use lubricant during an erotic massage session?

Yes, lubricants with special ingredients are a great way to add some fun into your massage and it also helps things to run a lot smoother between the masseuse and the massage receiver.  However, again it depends. I will ask you before the session whether or not you would want to use it. Keep in mind that lubricants are not props, they are used to maximum pleasure!

How long does an erotic massage session last?
It all depends on the clients’ demand and personal preference. However, I do have a one-hour minimum policy. I perform a nude body to body massage as well as some on-demand added massage forms such as a happy ending or full service. IT typically takes an hour to build up the intense feelings and sensations to give you the ultimate climax.

Do I have to be naked during the erotic massage?
Well, that’s the norm. Due to the close body to body contact and sexual nature of the massage, both participants remain fully naked during the session. Being naked allows me to perform the maneuvers with full potential on your mind, body and soul. It also allows me to reach more areas of your body. The body-to-body contact makes the touch more intense and sensitive on your skin and intimate areas.

Will my incall/outcall massage session be discreet?

I provide my customers the best of erotic and Tantra massage with complete satisfaction and this includes protecting your as well as my privacy. This is the reason I always ensure your time with me is discreet. As far as outcall visits are concerned, I dress very neutrally and can come straight to your front door or hotel room in a respectful and inconspicuous manner. I also do not keep any of my clients’ information or give any out; therefore your visit to me is 100% confidential.

Are there different forms of erotic massage?
The answer is yes. I even custom create some massage session as per my clients’ demand. It also depends on what you enjoy and what feels good for you. However, some of our most popular massage styles amongst clients are;
Happy Ending Massage

Erotic Tantra Massage

Full Service Massage

Lingam Massage

Prostate Massage
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