The Seven Things You Must Know before Going for a Tantric Massage for Couples

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September 30, 2019
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The Seven Things You Must Know before Going for a Tantric Massage for Couples

Tantric massage isn’t just about seeking the ultimate pleasure and relaxation. People who have taken it even for once will tell you how it rebooted their life. A Tantra massage with an experienced masseuse can ignite the passion back into your relationship. This is the reason why a growing number of couples are seeking an erotic Tantric massage to rewire their relationships and connect to each other on a deeper level.

Here are eight things you must know before scheduling an appointment with your Tantric masseuse:

1. Be clear on expectations
Well I can understand that you to relish the surprise and mystery part, but knowing what to expect from the massage will allow you both to get the most out of it. The session will bring you the opportunity to explore your partner in both sexual and spiritual way, as well as bring another person into your sensual relationship. While a third person is invited into your sexual space, you still remain in complete control.

2. Convince your Partner for the Massage
This has to be a mutual decision. If you are the one who took the initiative, then it is your job to talk to him/her about it and encourage him/her for a healthy discussion. You have to make sure that your partner comes for the session without any inhibitions. Bringing a beautiful blonde masseuse into your personal space has many positive implications. It will also allow you to observe your partner receiving the ultimate sexual pleasure. It will also expand your tantric knowledge and increase contentment in your sex life.

3. The Experience will heighten your sexual awareness
Observing your partner gets aroused by tantric maneuvers means you can both learn and explore new ways of pleasuring each other. If your goal is to rekindle your sexual life, you can opt for an erotic, body-to-body massage, in which skin-to-skin contact is made to provide a wonderful erotic feeling. Not only will you experience the ultimate sexual pleasure but will also watch your partner is being pleasured.

4. You love taking up new challenges
A Tantric massage is not like any other traditional massage. It is not for those who are scared of trying new things; it is not for those who are complacent about their intimate life and are not seeking a next level. Your masseuse is committed to giving you the best of the Tantric massage experience. Therefore, it is expected of you to  meet your masseuse with positive mindset and commit to cooperating with her. It is absolutely  fine to have reservations at first, but with the right mindset if you take part in the massage session, it will open a brand new door to the ultimate pleasure, reignite your love life and give you a new dimension. The end of the session, you both can relish the tantric techniques used and learn how to truly satisfy each other.

5. Ease your mind
It’s perfectly OK to feel nervous if you and your partner are gearing up for the first Tantric massage session. As I discussed earlier, you have to attend the massage session with no preconceived notion. Tantric massage is a professional treatment, which is meant for your physical and emotional well-being and relaxation. It is absolutely safe for you to achieve erotic Tantric bliss through the massage which is in practice for several hundreds of years.  Your masseuse Helene is well-educated and experienced in tantric massage. She will help you rekindle your sexual knowledge and satisfy your partner.

6. When the Day Comes
If you are visiting a place which is not your home, then make sure you reach in time. When you first meet your Tantric masseuse, she will discuss the whole process in greater length. She will ask you questions on your likes, dislikes and requirements. This is your chance to acknowledge your worries and speak with her without any fear or shame. She is there for you to help. Massage techniques vary and depend on what the masseuse finds the best fit for you. Helen is a professional masseuse and is capable of tailoring the tantric massage as per your needs and desires.

7. Hygiene Comes first
Don’t be offended if your masseuse asks you to take a shower before the massage as a standard hygiene practice. Use this as an opportunity to shower with your partner and connect with each other before the Tantra massage begins. Once the massage starts, there is no turning back. She will open the door of endless pleasure.

You deserve to savor the erotic indulgence!
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