Feeling Bored or Depressed? Here are Six Tips To Help You Feel Positive During COVID-19 Lockdown

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Feeling Bored or Depressed? Here are Six Tips To Help You Feel Positive During COVID-19 Lockdown

Humanity has been going through an unprecedented time. The COVID-19 lockdown and the depressing news emerging from all over the world, most of us are eager to know if things are going to get back on track any time soon. Living life in restriction  can have a negative impact on our physical and mental state. Massage therapy centers, beauty saloons, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants all being closed, it is quite natural to feel strained from inside. After all, we are social being.
On the other hand social distancing has given us plenty of time to turn our focus onto something which most of us are guilty of neglecting for years. With less interaction with the outside world, Covid-19 has given much needed time for self.

Here are a few tips on how to make the most of the lockdown and stay positive
In normal days, people cook because they have  to cook. But during this lockdown, cooking can become a wonderful pass time. It’s time  to experiment with some delicious restaurant style meals and gourmet. Cooking or baking a favourite dish may prove to be a fulfilling experience and home-cooked food is always better healthier. Also, this could also be a good distraction from constant negative updates on COVID-19.

Connecting with your long-lost friends

In the rat-race of life, we have very little time to catch up with long-lost friends. This COVId-19 lockdown can be best time to find out old good-time friends with whom we have lots of memories. We often wonder what happened to that girl/boy who used to share tiffin or used to be a good storyteller. Use the power of digital technology and reach out to old friends via social media. Cherishing such memories will help you reliving your childhood and make you feel good.

Explore your creativity

This is a perfect time to explore your creative force that will refresh your brain and offer a interval from your dull and mundane life. Paint, if you ever had any interest or redecorate the house with DIY hacks, sketch, sing, play guitar, write. Do whatever that challenges your mind and helps you rejuvenate.


This is one of the best ways to not let this depressing time to get to your head. There are different kinds of indoor workouts that you can keep yourself busy with such as yoga, cardio, treadmill, some functional workouts, meditation etc. There are lots of workout videos are available online that will help you keep going. Exercise helps you clear your mind and soul besides bringing positivity in your mindset.

Organise things around

In your normal routine, you have no time to arrange things around. You even don’t remember when was the last time you organised or arranged the cupboard and the bookshelf. Now you have enough time clear all the clutter and mess in your room and at your home. Cleaning will help relieve the stress, and make you feel more comfortable besides making some extra spaces to store something more.

Spend time in your garden or on your terrace

Have your morning tea or coffee outside in your garden or terrace while enjoying the fresh cool breeze in your face and the sound of birds chirping. You will realize it’s been long you haven’t spent time like this. Now you have got time to reap such little but precious pleasures of life.

Over the time, you will learn to have a balanced approach that is both productive and pleasurable. All may not happen during this time but we can take many tiny steps that will eventually help us get over the crisis.