Feeling Restless? Relax your Mind and Body through Tantric Massage

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June 30, 2021
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October 20, 2021
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Feeling Restless? Relax your Mind and Body through Tantric Massage

Life is chaotic and unpredictable and whether we like it or not we are supposed to face it head on. As the days pass by, we accumulate tensions and discomforts that affect our mind and body. In order to align your mind, body and Spirit Into one powerful force, it is crucial to book a tantric massage every once in a while.
Tantric massage mellifluously flows through your veins to awaken the wild sexual energy that secretly dwells inside the body. It make a huge difference in your sex life because it prevents fast ejaculations by giving you more control in your orgasms, stimulates sexual desires making it the best answer to your lower sexual performances. It rejuvenates your mind and body and gives you back your strength and vigor.

Tantric massage should not be confused with any simple body massage with added rituals; it’s a way of slow, soft, affectionate and very present touch to take you into a deep state like meditation, which means more being than doing. Your body goes into a very deep state, so that you feel invigorated with life-force energy, and the sexual energy can flow freely throughout the whole body.

All starts with a friendly conversation to make you feel comfortable in the unknown environment and slowly touch goes intuitively all over the body including the genitals, the lingam of the man and the yoni of the woman and other erogenous zones, which will consequently awaken the sexual energy. Gradually when the excitement builds, let your body melt and surrender in the present moment and this process can be followed by a total body orgasm. Through this profound relaxation, it can also be a healing experience. The massage will touch you in many ways, besides improving your sexual, emotional, physical and mental health, it makes you feel connected, entrenched and centered, dynamic and powerful.
There are different tantric massage sessions including body-to-body-massage, naturist massage, lingam massage, the prostate massage, yoni massage are few of them to give you pleasure, comfort and relaxation.

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