How Massage Industry will Change Forever Post Covid-19

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April 30, 2020
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How Massage Industry will Change Forever Post Covid-19

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With worldwide cases exceeding 6.6 million, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought so much turbulence to our society that it can be difficult to know just how to react and prepare ourselves to deal with the changing paradigm of the world. Most of the businesses are shut down under the government-enforced lockdowns and social distancing. The massage industry is amongst the worst affected industries. The nature of the business makes it near-impossible to function whilst maintaining social distancing.

The question is: “How long will this continue?. Will businesses ever come back to pre COVID-19 time?”
The answer is definitely an affirmative ‘yes’. This crisis is bound to pass. It’s just a matter of time. Maybe in a few months. Maybe in a year or a few months longer. The virus might not vanish but the crisis will definitely end and the world will come to terms. The virus, however, will change the way businesses function. The travel and hospitality industry, the recreation and wellness industries are the ones under tremendous pressure to change and adapt to post COVID-19 world. They will have to find new methods of working that ensure both the caregivers and the customers’ safety.

Massage industry is bound to experience a tectonic transformation. This industry entails services that are personal & physical in nature. The very foundation of this industry is touch and proximity, which have become a bad word today.

No Pandemic disease can kill massage & wellness industry!
This is one of the most resilient industries. Massage and wellness industries will continue to thrive because people will never stop seeking pleasure and relaxation. Regardless of the circumstances, people will want to “feel good”. Massage is more than just a physical makeover. There are countless reasons people seek massage. There is no better way to escape from the hustle and bustle of life; no other therapy can make one more confident, relaxed and empowered. This need will never wither away. Moreover, masseuses are highly compassionate people; their need have been felt ever since massage came into existence. One of the strongest reasons is they empathize with their customers, and revel in their happiness.

How will massage industry look like post COVID-19?
This industry will evolve and adapt to the changing norms of the post COVID-19 world. The industry will find more safer ways to connect passionate practitioners and committed customers. Here, technology is going to play the crucial role. There will be more affordable and readily available screening tools and the industry will work under strict regulatory. Customers will be more aware about their health and will receive massage therapy under strict hygiene environment.
Several experimental business model will emerge and the ones that are proven cost effective as well as viable will be accepted as proven and tested models.

So, what we will witness post COVID-19 crisis is a stronger and fitter massage and wellness industry. The industry will use cutting-edge technology to meet the new demands, while retaining its core of empathy and caring. Many will argue that we are taking this too far and will stress that normalcy just a vaccine away. And that is going to happen is just a few months from now.