One of My Clients Sends his First Tantra Massage Experience! It’s Worth a Read.

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One of My Clients Sends his First Tantra Massage Experience! It’s Worth a Read.

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It happened on one of my business trips to Dubai. I keep traveling the whole world and the kind of schedule I have I am mostly away from my family. I can be described as an introvert who spends most of his time exploring the world through his own creative space.
I had never heard of exploring Tantric pleasure let alone indulging into one. I was going through my Instagram wall and there I saw this update and out of curiosity sent a PM to Helene asking if Tantra massage was meant for someone like me. The next morning I heard back from her; she sent me the link of her blog and asked me to go through in case the time permitted.

Going through her posts I felt like this was the moment in my life where I was to experience sexual awakening. I got the glimpse of something I had always sensed in my heart and body existed but did not really know for sure because I had never experienced it. And the more I read about it the more I craved for it.

I sought an appointment from her and after a few email exchanges we decided for the day. This is the story of my first adventure into the Tantric pleasure: my first Tantra massage.

We met at her place in Dubai and over the next few hours she shared with me her life story, her adventures and discoveries on her path of exploring herself, about sex, about Tantra. In the most colorful and excited way she explained Tantra massage as “something every man must experience at least once in his lifetime!!”

Even though Helene had described what to expect I was super nervous, yet, at the same time, overly excited. To tell you the truth, curiosity won over the fear of letting my guard, my walls, down. I knew I had to be naked in front of a total stranger, who was stunning and had the kind of body a man would die for. I was definitely there to experience more than sex; much more than carnal pleasure a
mind-blowing, life altering orgasm?

We sat down in the room where “it” was to happen. It was a warm room with wooded floor, a futon type mattress on the floor with some flickering lights to keep it comfortable. Helene and I sat down and drank water infused with slices of oranges, talking and getting to know each other. She was keen on knowing how I was feeling; whether I was nervous about “doing this”. We spoke about 20 minutes and my inhibitions were gone.

And the time came. We took a shower before laying down on the mattress. I was draped in a thin white sheet. She then appeared all naked and quietly sat by my side. She gently started stroking and caressing my arm, shoulders, lightly touching my chests as she started asking me how I felt. She encouraged me to talk about my feelings. She went on caressing my body with hers on mine and gradually it created a space and a purpose for all the feelings I was experiencing. She helped me separate ‘nervousness’ from ‘fearful thoughts’. And then came the ethereal phase wherein I wanted to stay focused on being in the moment; it was a timeless experience. I felt more open with a sense of clarity and strength about my life.

All the while, Helene had been changing positions, moving around me, massaging, touching and stroking different parts of my body. Though there were moments I wished she’d talked less and just let me enjoy her touches, her hands gliding through on my skin. It was the very first time I felt my body was responding to the special attention it was getting!

Then she started massaging my prostate or in her words “Lingam”. The manners in which she went on felt as if it was a sacred ritual being performed on me. I was in heaven. Her first touch was a bliss. And WOW! How does this stranger know how to touch me like that? I can’t even touch myself and have it feel like that. It indeed felt heavenly! The intensity of her touches and my body’s response were amazing. And all this was happening whilst I remained ultra relaxed and just focused on my body. It was then I got the urge of feeling her body; I wanted to, I really wanted to, touch her, feel more of her, make it even more intense by letting myself, my body, respond by giving back to her. Well, intercourse was not the part of a Tantra massage. And it did not make feel unwanted as I just remained focused on relaxing, enjoying, giving myself to her touches and letting go. At the end of the session, it just exploded. I ejaculated in full force. I enjoyed every move she made. Every bit of pressure her hands and fingers applied. Every word she used explaining what my body felt like to her. I thou=roughly enjoyed the closeness of her body. Her hands on my body. It was exquisite. Ethereal. Intense. Indeed a life changing experience!

We stayed together for over three hours and enjoyed every moment tremendously. Over the next few months we kept meeting and she surprised me every time I met her. She is an ocean of pleasure. A wonderful woman with such a strong personality with all feminine charms. She is a wonder woman. I am visiting Dubai again in March and if her schedule permits I am definitely going to explore more with her.

She helped me open a door to another part of me, the inner world of my magnificent body, to such a wonderful world of my own sexuality than I really knew existed. As I had said earlier, I was more of an agnostic; neither acknowledged nor denied it. A year with just a few Tantric massage and I am a different person now. More poised, more curious and even more creative.