Suffering from Corona-induced Touch Deprivation? Heal Yourself Through Tantric Touch

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April 29, 2021
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September 22, 2021
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Suffering from Corona-induced Touch Deprivation? Heal Yourself Through Tantric Touch

We have been through the most difficult time since the COVID19 surfaced and impacted the whole world so badly. People were forced to live indoors for months and out of fear people refrained themselves from getting close to each other, leading them to several emotional deprivations such as human touch, hugs, caresses and intimacy. This is what have been described as skin hunger (a phenomena that means that the skin is hungry for touch). It is an expression of a longing for caring, nearness and love.

Human beings need the nourishment through touch. We want to be loved and accepted through skin touch through which we are able to communicate emotionally. Corona has also put intimacy and lovemaking to a fast sex with least relaxed togetherness through touch. It becomes about chasing pleasure and orgasm. It’s just like you are doing it without paying enough attention, without putting love into it.
When touch and intimacy are the genuine human needs, we need it just like we need to eat and to sleep, then you have been deprived of it. Imagine yourself without food for days. You just feel that something is not rather right.

Knowing you are suffering from Skin Hunger

These are the following list that indicated that you are suffering from Skin Hunger:
When you feel Loneliness, Restlessness, Anxiety, and show antagonistic behavior.
Some more indications are you may be spending more time with pets or unconsciously spending more time in the shower or wrapping yourself with blankets. You might experience it very scratchy or painful.

Touch and Hormones
Skin is the largest organ and when it receives touch then it produces a hormone called oxytocin that reduces and relieves stress, anxiety and creates the feeling of connection, relaxation, satisfaction, contentment and security. Even hugging for some seconds will release oxytocin in your body. Touch also stimulates pressure receptors under the skin that carries signals to the vagus nerve that connects the brain with the rest of the body. The vagus nerve relaxes our nervous system, lower the heart rate and blood pressure by using these signals.
When you are deprived of these skin touches, the vagus nerve doesn’t calm the body to lower the heart rate and blood pressure and it can be frustrating.
Tratra Touch
Trantra touch is the ‘conscious touch’ that has the profound effects on mind, body and soul. There is a huge difference between conscious touch and random touch, where you are not focused on what’s going on inside you. Conscious touch eliminates the distance between us, creates contact and feels intensely nourishing.

Tantra massage is more than just physical touch. It is a long, nourishing, healing, intimate massage with conscious touch that takes us into deeper layers of ourselves.

Awaken all the senses
When you are entirely present while being touched, conscious about the skin to skin contact and how the touch travels allover your body, you actually make all of your senses come alive and thriving. The senses are like an entrance to our deeper and inner universe when stimulated. We go from being in the head, to feeling our body and being in interaction with profounder aspects of ourselves and our passions.
The erogenous energy
The erotic energy is an emerging force, it helps us feel relaxed and expands into the experience, so we can discover the journey and stay with it for hours, without feeling of any haste. We need to bring consciousness into our experiences trough this erotic touch and it will start moving from apparent vibrations into profound states. A tantra massage can profoundly change your erotic life by bringing more intimacy, closeness, connection for each other.

Conscious touch and deep emotional intimacy are the finest ways to satisfy your skin hunger. A tantra massage is a copious feast that absolutely revitalizes us. During lockdown, we recommend you find someone to exchange touch with who is open to hugs, cuddling or shoulder massage. This will also release oxytocin and help in a surprisingly effective way to relieve skin hunger.