Tantric Massage and Sexual Trauma Healing

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September 30, 2020
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Tantric Massage and Sexual Trauma Healing

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Tantric massage is an effective alternative healing practice when it comes to healing sexual trauma or fear attached to sexuality. It has the power to transform lives. It’s becoming well known for addressing issues and challenges associated with an individual’s sexual energy and emotional wound or sexual trauma. The beauty of tantra is it allows the body to access the pain of trauma in a very safe way and then it transforms one through the magic of the orgasm.

What does this tantric healing do?

Tantric massage, this sacred practice, mainly focuses on stimulating the nerves in one’s sexual organs to create the pathways of sensation to the brain; it incorporates the essence of energy. It can touch the deepest layers of a human being and remove any energetic blockage or knots (that may come from gruesome personal experiences of sexual trauma resulting from things like betrayal, assault, molestation, or rape) in the person’s body to open the pathways for more sexual energy to flow through. Ultimately, it liberates them to experience the ethereal pleasure with liberated mind, body and soul.

Why is Tantric Healing Needed?
Unresolved suppressed trauma has an adverse affect on a person’s energy field. Emotional wounds or sexual trauma can create a psychological knot inside a person that doesn’t go away without any external help. Rather it may pile up the pessimistic views about surroundings that actually negatively influence the other areas of life.

Piled up trauma carries a heavy load of negativity that influences one’s social interactions and suppresses the ability to function well. Such trauma or knots or blocs need to be addressed on time to be able to recover, to relax and feel safe. Here comes the significance of tantric massage as it lightens one’s overwhelmed levels of concern and clears energy knots and restores the natural flow of energy.

Tantric Healing Sessions
Tantric Healing sessions are set up in a safe and secured environment to freely release any knots or blocks to the flow of dynamic, creative, sensual and sexual energy. It engages the body’s chakras through energy and proper breathing, movement, visualization, meditation, tantric massage, sensual touch, and also sound resonance. While it helps to heal from emotional and energetic wounds, it strengthens and deepens one’s relationship with their partner. This could even work better if the partner is present, if possible.
As it is also an intuitive work, we will work together to build up an honest and sincere connection between us, explicitly discussing about long due issues without any hesitations or doubts. Our main goal is to free you from emotional wounds and your duty is to completely surrender yourself – take the advantage of session to shred off the unnecessary physical or emotional burden that you’ve been carrying for long.

Any session can be taken as a single person or as a couple.

Tantric Healing Results
Every session will lead you to unconditional acceptance, trust in relationship, respect for others, openness, and love for life. When you are free from those emotional and energetic wounds, a refreshed spirit and enlivened body surfaces for which you’ve been waiting. You are able to enjoy sexual fulfilment with a greater capacity and the best part – all these happens without any attachment with the Tantric healer. You run towards your freedom with more authenticity and feel more of yourself to give to their partner.