What Not to Do Before a Massage

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September 30, 2022
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What Not to Do Before a Massage

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One should know that the whole purpose of a massage is ​to make you feel relaxed and experience a sensation of eternal pleasure​. It’s a great way to improve circulation and obtain relief from lasting pain. Therefore, it is important to ensure not to do the things that can obstruct getting the most out of a massage session without possibly embarrassing yourself or your therapist.

Don’t Consume a Large Meal Prior to Your Massage Session

Consuming a large meal just prior to the massage session may cause bloating and stomach ache and create an uncomfortable situation while putting pressure to your body. Instead, you should consider having an appropriately cooked meal that will not interfere with the massage session or create any challenging situation to complete the tantric massage session in a blissful manner.

Take Shower Before Your Massage

Taking shower is one of the basic and possibly most important etiquette before starting a tantric massage session. It will necessarily reduce body odor and eliminate excess oil or dead skin. Also, before getting dressed, it is a good idea to check the wounds or cuts and sores that are painful to the touch.

In case of any health ailments or issues it is always to reschedule the appointment

Don’t Get too Drunk Prior to a Massage

Drinking alcohol or using any kind of drugs preceding to an erotic massage is a very bad idea, which will destroy the idea of having great massage session. Your drunken state or altered mental state can be dangerous to yourself as well as others. Therefore, avoid alcohol consumption in anyway.

Don’t Be Afraid to Communicate.

Engaging in active communication is the main key when it comes to tantric massage. Prior to your massage, expressing your concern, your issues or problems will enhance your experience. Your therapist should know about your body before just going ahead like any normal massage session. Being open, sincere and honest with your therapist can make it easier to relax and get the most for your time and money.

As a client, you must expect your masseuse to act in a professional manner during the massage session and in return, you should extend some level of courteousness and generosity to the person who will be touching almost every part of your body and relaxing you from all the stress and tension.