Tantric Massage Heals your Trauma and Cleanses Inside Out

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Tantric Massage Heals your Trauma and Cleanses Inside Out


Many people consider Tantric Massage to be the same sexual tricks and scripts with just a fancy different name. They consider it to be a  normal sex-involving theatrics with some touching, kissing, arousing and oral stuffs and then a penis thrusting belligerently into a vagina until it reaches orgasms. In reality, Tantric massage is completely different from that; it essentially discovers an entirely new realm of pleasure that can give a distinctive and connective experience.

What is a tantra massage then?

Tantric massage is a kind of hands-on bodywork that has been developed by modern tantrics that involves massaging and stimulating the sensitive areas like the penis and vulva. It can also otherwise be called an erotic sacred massage. Tantric massage has a strong spiritual and energetic component, wherein the practitioner skillfully assists to integrate universal force into a massage and move the receiver’s energy throughout the body for inner healing. It can go deepest layers of human being to uproot the past sexual and emotional trauma

Tantric massage can heal Trauma
Tantra is powerfully impactful that can make you free from the clutches of past troubling recalls, can take a person from thinking to feeling, from contraction to expansion. Tantric Healing dissolves guilt around sexuality and helps to embrace the body and its natural ways of feeling pleasure.

Sexual trauma brings drastic changes on someone’s physical, emotional, mental level. Tantric massage helps one develop self-love and self-esteem by healing all kinds of sexual trauma.

Physical Trauma gets healed by safe touch, where the receiver would be confident nothing bad will happen when given the body massage, lingam and prostate massage for men and yoni massage for women.
Emotional Trauma like fear, guilt, shame, anger, grief can be taken care of through tantric massage where givers make sure of receivers’ emotional release

Mental trauma actually affects the brain that recalls those memories repeatedly. Tantra helps with rewiring the brain and weaken those memories by replacing the empowering beliefs

The intention of the tantric healing session is to integrate deep healing with the traumatized client who needs love, acceptance, and acknowledgement. With the touch and movements, they may experience uncomfortable memories of past like pain, grief, sadness and anger but gradually they blocked emotions will be released through massage and at the end of it they will feel full and relieved. are used to help them to feel their body more deeply

Cleansing From Inside Out
Everybody has some physical, emotional, or mental or sexual blockages from the past painful memories or early trauma that gets compounded over the years. Root causes may vary from person to person but consequences may be explosive energetic scar and imprint on one’s aura if they are not taken care of at the early stage.

Tantric massage is one of the best healing practices through which the clutches of the past can be loosened and released in a systematic way. Nothing works best other than tantric massage when it comes to sexual healing, it is a renewed hope for sexual assault survivors. It replaces those unimaginable mental and emotional traumas with a place and a space where one can emerge their true selves. And it no longer can dictate your reality.