Tantric Massage is Not the Other Way of Asking for Sex

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Tantric Massage is Not the Other Way of Asking for Sex

Let’s get it straight! Tantric Massage is Not Always Sexual. Before you get poised to dive deeper into understanding Tantric massage, let’s first begin by understanding Tantra.

The core of Tantra is to understand the limitations and capacities of body and mind. It takes you through the journey of  the expansion of consciousness and the liberation of energy through which individual limitations are transcended and the higher-self is experienced. In other words, Tantra is the science of perceiving and experiencing  the infinite  through the finite. The essence of Tantra is to expand the experience of everyday life, to enjoy and live life to the fullest, as a means to the higher awareness. Tantra outreaches all aspects of life and beyond, whether in the material world or that which is transcendent.

Coming to Tantric massage, the one that we see today, isn’t just Tantra-inspired massage that was developed in 21st century. In fact, it has been in practice for over 2000 years. Today, due to extreme commercialization and lack of knowledge, it is often mistaken as erotic or steamy-sex service. The real Tantric massage goes way beyond sex; it focuses on self-liberation and to achieve that it often encompasses sexual rituals.

So does Tanta or Tantric massage always mean having sex with your masseuse or  masseur?
The answer is ‘no’. 

Tantric massage is not a code-word for sex. Often it does not include any sexual element at all. However, most of the Tantric massage progresses via sexual encounters. It is done to channelize and release sexual energy for the well being of the person who is taking part in Tantric massage.


Tantra believes our body is a temple and it should be worshiped. Tantric Massage is one of the ways to exhibit our respect to this magnificent creation of God. To pay the respect, the massage is performed totally naked; in fact the massage receivers also have to conform to this.

So why does massage stimulation performed on erogenous zones?

As per the Tantric teachings, Lingam (penis) is a wand of light and believed to be the most sacred spot of the male body. This is the sole reason why Tantra focuses on Lingam. The masseuse rubs the receiver in oil and begins with a euphoric full-body massage. As your tense muscles relax and you feel at ease, the Tantric Goddess pays attention to the erogenous zones. The strokes performed on the private areas are profound, advanced and sacred. There are hundreds of techniques and maneuvers involved. This essentially results into a powerful ejaculation; however, this isn’t its sole purpose; you are taken into an ethereal world. The feelings, as most say, can’t be quantified into words.

Tantric massage relieves aches and pains, eliminates stress and has miraculous impact on anxiety and depression. Its benefit to sexual dysfunctions is well known. While many people go for a Tantric massage to simply unwind and experience the ultimate relaxation, there are many who seek it as an alternative to medical treatment to heal a wide variety of medical conditions.

Helen is one of the world’s finest Tantric Massage Goddess of French Origin. She has been serving in UAE and Europe for over a decade. She can be contacted on hchalont@gmail.com