Tantric Massage: Why So Much Hype?

How to Choose the Right Tantra Massage Practitioner in Dubai
January 31, 2021
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April 2, 2021
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Tantric Massage: Why So Much Hype?

So you’ve been in Dubai for a while and now thinking of finding the best massage therapist. You have also heard of Tantric massage but not sure if this is something you should go for. Quite likely, you have heard some weird stories about it from friends, colleges or so-called client testimonials on the Internet. And now you find yourself totally confused?

I’m not surprised. There are many so-called Tantric masseuse and practitioners in Dubai who don’t really understand the very meaning of Tantra. They promote happy-ending massage as Tantra message. Many of their clients go home unsatisfied and feel cheated.

So let’s begin by understanding what Tantric massage is and why it is important to seek an appointment with a masseuse who is highly skilled and experienced.

Tantra is a Sanskrit word, which mean “weaving” or “to weave energy.” Tantra is all about enlightenment: transcending both the sexual as well as spiritual planes by engaging in deeply meditative, spontaneous, and intimate state. Pretty much like yoga, tantra is all about physical and spiritual awareness. Any phenomenon of outer and inner worlds here serves as a raw material for personal and spiritual development and growth.

So unlike a massage therapist, the Tantric masseuse makes use of several Tantric practices such as mantra, mudra, ritual, emotions, chakras, energy fields and the play of opposite polarities in the dance of life. She touches your body parts to not just work on your stiff muscles; the core of her focus remains on your energy zones and chakras.

Why do we need Tantric massage?
Because we deserve happiness. And Tantric massage let’s you explore the infinite source of happiness that’s rooted right within your body. There is a general perception about Tantric Massage that it focuses exclusively on sexual energy and healing, which is not true. In reality, it has many other useful benefits. One of such benefits that is largely not discussed is its profound impact on one’s mental well being.

You can’t get Tantric massage at a typical massage saloon or parlour!
A typical massage therapy involves rubbing and kneading of muscles and joints of the body with the hands, aiming to relieve tension or pain. Tantric massage on the other hand focuses on the unity of two minds, energy, and consciousnesses of two people. Indian Ayurveda says: “If the consorts massage each other’s soles, not only their health will rise, but mutual attraction either.”
Tantric massage focuses on stimulating the nerves in one’s sexual organs to create the pathways of sensation to the brain; it incorporates the essence of energy. It can touch the deepest layers of a human being and remove any energetic blockage or knots (that may come from gruesome personal experiences of sexual trauma resulting from things like betrayal, assault, molestation, or rape) in the person’s body to open the pathways for more sexual energy to flow through. Ultimately, it liberates them to experience the ethereal pleasure with liberated mind, body and soul.

Tantric massage can’t be Performed at any place or environment!
Tantric massage sessions are set up in a safe and secured environment to freely release any knots or blocks to the flow of dynamic, creative, sensual and sexual energy. It engages the body’s chakras through energy and proper breathing, movement, visualisation, meditation, tantric massage, sensual touch, and also sound resonance. While it helps to heal from emotional and energetic wounds, it strengthens and deepens one’s relationship with their partner. This could even work better if the partner is present, if possible.
As it is also an intuitive work, your Tantric masseuse will work together to build up an honest and sincere connection between you and here. She will love to discuss sexual and emotional issues without any hesitations or doubts.

Tantric Massage Results
Every session will lead you to unconditional acceptance, trust in relationship, respect for others, openness, and love for life. When you are free from those emotional and energetic wounds, a refreshed spirit and enlivened body surfaces for which you’ve waiting. You will be able to enjoy sexual fulfilment with a greater capacity and the best part – all these will happen without any attachment with your Tantric masseuse.


  1. Royi says:

    Tantra helps; it just is that we have a very few experienced and certified Tantric massage practitioners. It helped me heal a deeply rooted emotional trauma.

  2. Daven says:

    Tantra massage gave me life-altering experience. Those with biases collected from the Internet must book a session with Helene and then come back to comment upon experiencing themselves.

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