How to Choose the Right Tantra Massage Practitioner in Dubai

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December 31, 2020
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How to Choose the Right Tantra Massage Practitioner in Dubai

There are many so-called Tantra massage therapists and practitioners in Dubai who don’t really understand the very meaning of Tantra. They promote happy-ending massage as Tantra message.
Tantric message has a core objective and that is to initiate a physical and sensual awakening. It takes you through a spiritual journey and the path it chooses for you is the most pleasurable one. Over a few tantric massage sessions, you may experience several profound life-changing experiences.

Working with an inexperienced tantra massage practitioner in Dubai may jeopardies your journey towards healing and spiritual awakening. To ensure that you find the best tantric masseuse in Dubai, take note of the following tips.

Look for a Tantric masseuse who is trained & educated
Communicate! Don’t just get enticed by the pic of your massage therapists or the Instagram and Facebook post updates. Do not hesitate to ask the Tantra massage therapist the hard questions. Ask her experience and education in Tantra massage and massage for healing. Be polite but assertive. Do not get lured by 80% off type offers. Finding a genuine Tantra massage practitioners in Dubai is so rare.

Experience matters!
There is a difference between a masseuse with 10 years of experience and a masseuse with 10 years of exclusive experience in Tantra massage. With all your expectations, I don’t think you would like to embark on a Tantric journey with a beginner. Would you?
You need a Tantric masseuse who you trust for her skills and experience. In Dubai, seek the help of a Tantric masseuse with at least 500 hours of direct and hands-on experience.

Her mental and physical well-being
The Tantric masseuse makes use of several Tantric practices such as mantra, mudra, ritual, emotions, chakras, energy fields and the play of opposite polarities in the dance of life. And she must be someone who works to purify her own energy in order to work closely with others. And she has to be in her best mental and physical state. Before working with the energy of another, a tantric masseuse must first come to terms with her own.

Sexual Continence
Whilst communicating with a potential tantric masseuse, don’t shy away from the topic of sexuality. Tantra massage does focus on your sexual energy. It is her responsibility to help you explore (initially) and then master your erotic energy.

This isn’t another way of asking for Sex
As I mentioned earlier, many massage practitioners in Dubai are selling Happy ending massage as Tantra massage. Avoid such practitioners.
Tantra isn’t just about experiencing pleasure. While there is nothing wrong with this being the focal point or the center of your experience, the ultimate goal of Tantra massage is to break free of self-inflicted limitations and insecurities.

Finding the right masseuse can be a daunting task. So do your research and choose the best one. So long as you’re in the right hands, you can rest assured that your Tantric journey will be a profound one.

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