The 5 Benefits of Tantric Sex You Must Know before Seeking a Tantric Massage

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The 5 Benefits of Tantric Sex You Must Know before Seeking a Tantric Massage

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Understanding tantric sex
Tantric sex is a slowed-down method of sexual intercourse to make the sexual energy move throughout the body for healing, transformation, and enlightenment. In tantric sex, adoring the sensual journey and mindful connection is more important than reaching quickly to the orgasm.
Tantra is a Sanskrit word that means knitted-together. It is rooted in Hindu and Buddhist teachings. Incorporating this form of bodywork and practice into your sex life can take your experience to an exclusively new, more embodied level.

Tantric sex removes deeply rooted anxieties
Usually, intimacy causes performance concern around premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and the anxiety about safeguarding orgasm. Tantric sex removes those unnecessary pressure and teaches you to be there through the transformational moments.

You’ll develop a deeper understanding of arousal
According to sex experts, Skin is our largest sex organ and sensual massage can ignite a profound level of connection between two partners and deepen a person’s experience of extreme pleasure, craving, and arousal.

Tantric massage improves communication
Sensual massage makes you feel free about your needs to your partners without worrying about their feelings and biases. This massage is a slow prolonged process that takes you to a natural relaxed state of consciousness and openness; and sense of safety. It releases a powerful bonding chemical called oxytocin during orgasm to double the pleasure.

Massage is anyway good for your whole being
Massages of any kind do wonder to your mind, body, and soul. In our modern lifestyle, due to fast food paced diet, day-to-day stress and anxiety, our lymphatic systems within our bodies often get blocked. And here a massage can help release any blockages due to the stress.
Massage also releases our feel-good hormones like serotonin that keeps us happier and healthier.

Erotic massage can push-start your libido
If you’ve not been feeling for real good intercourse of late, then tantric massage can really help you get that mood. If in any case you are not feeling comfortable for a tantric massage, then you can start with a normal massage just to help you feel relaxed and then take it from there.