Why Tantra is Important During COVID-19 Lockdown

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Why Tantra is Important During COVID-19 Lockdown

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COVID-19 has changed our lives, greatly impacted our lifestyle, and restricted our movement more than we could have ever imagined. This pandemic is a test of mankind’s mental and physical resilience as well as patience.
In these extraordinary and difficult times, Tantra and Tantric acts can be used effectively and enjoyably to tackle stress and improve our holistic health.
If you are struggling and trying to work from home, or worrying about getting essential household items or have contracted illness, Tantra offers a wonderful opportunity for mental relaxation to keep you going.

This is the time to unite and evolve as a couple
Take the advantage of this lockdown, this isolation with your spouse or partner, as physical touch will help you handle stress and boost intimacy at a time when you need it most. In normal life, you are in rat race and have less time for physical intimacy. Gentle strokes and arousing caresses can be an incredible stress buster, assisting you unwind and reboot your mundane life.
Body to body contact and massage will give you a major health boost, stimulating the white blood cell production, which will help you fight against infectious disease.
In this time when negative atmosphere and stressful situations are all around, Tantric touch or Tantric massage will help you deal with headaches and muscle pain that comes due to extreme tension. Stress can make you hold yourself differently with negative impact even on your posture if they are not dealt on time.
Increase your regular touch and loving gentle gestures, improve your appetite for sexual activity and they will boost your self and sexual confidence.

Mental well-being in Self isolation
Emotional satisfaction is one of the most significant factors for mental nourishment in this extreme difficult situation. Whether you are alone or living with a companion, if you feel being alone at home, then try not to create panic..instead work on your breathing skills and meditation. Give yourself time that was long due, listen to your body, mind and soul, and reevaluate your lifestyle. Breathing exercises has tremendous power to help you clear your mind and refocus your energies.
You can also learn a new skill – a prostate massage or yoni massage as these massage has lot of health benefits and well-being. Remember to wash your hands before you perform these massages in clean environments. Make sure you try simple strokes and maneuvers; Tantric massage is an art, which takes years to learn and perfect. So keep it simple.
It will also offer a better understanding of your own body giving you a complete picture about what brings pleasure and fulfillment.

You can contact me now as the lockdown is being eased. I would love to help you out whilst ensuring all the safety measures are taken care of.