Experiencing Premature Ejaculation? Tantric Massage Can Help

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September 22, 2021
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Experiencing Premature Ejaculation? Tantric Massage Can Help

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Premature Ejaculation is a sexual sexual dysfunction that affects over 30% of men, depending on how we define this term. Most men at some point in their lives do experience premature ejaculation. It can be highly frustrating and may affect relationships that require physical intimacy.
Several researches also suggest that most men prefer not to talk about it due to cultural taboo and shame. The good news is that in recent years, an increasing number of men have started talking about it and they do not hesitate consulting a therapist or a doctor to discuss the subject in greater length.

Tantric bodywork therapy is one of the progressively popular professional approaches for positively dealing with the Premature Ejaculation problem.
There are several reasons that cause or result into Premature Ejaculation, which include physical stress, pelvic floor tension, psychological and emotional stress. Performance anxiety, relationship pressures and past trauma are also among those.

Tantric Massage Therapy Solutions for Premature Ejaculation
Premature Ejaculation can be treated well with tantric bodywork therapy sessions, where a specialist uses Tantric and Taoist bodywork techniques to help clients to eliminate negative thought patterns that arise during intimacy.

Helps Pelvic Floor Tension
Pelvic floor muscle tension is a primary cause of Premature Ejaculation, due to sedentary life-style, or trauma or injury in the pelvic area. A tantric therapy professional uses advanced techniques to release the tension of the pelvic floor.

Works on ‘Performance Anxiety’
Your Tantric Masseuse closely watches your negative thought patterns that occur during the moments of intimacy. She will then try helping the clients by re-programming these negative loops through this somatic approach.

Releases Emotional Stress and Trauma
Pelvic surgery, disease, sexual emotional and physical abuses are a few examples of psychological stress that can cause an unintentional response to ejaculate untimely. Tantric Healing Therapy sessions offer a very gentle and caring space to help release trauma trapped in the body.

Improves Blood Circulation and Lymphatic Flow
Tantric massage includes the whole body, including genital massage that removes tension and stress in the body, and stimulates healthy blood circulation and lymphatic flow to and from the genitals.

Therapeutic Prostate Massage
A traumatic experience or stressful life-style can create physical tension on and around the prostate gland, which negatively affects the ejaculate process. Tantric massage is a very effective and efficient treatment that can help men to maintain a healthy prostate gland.

Connecting with Your Body and Sexuality
The modern computer-based sedentary lifestyle is one of the prominent reasons why we get disconnected from our physical body, our own sexuality and genitals. Tantric massage therapy helps you to reconnect the physical body and sexuality, which directly and positively impacts premature ejaculation.

Premature Ejaculation and Relationships
Premature ejaculation can create stress in an intimate relationships or during intimacy. Tantric masseuse offers advice on how to talk openly with partners and also gives you some tips for your partner to help assist you practice ejaculation control.
Also, take time to touch and feel each other’s bodies. Think of this as a sexual adventure rather than diving directly as many of us do. Until and unless you are emotionally and mentally there, you will keep having this problem.