Why Massage is a Winter Must Have

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Why Massage is a Winter Must Have

Winter brings along many wonderful seasonal changes and delights. However, it is also the time we experience body aches, muscle stiffness and pains. Because of the cold temperature, our blood flows change, blood vessels constrict, and the skin dries out. From seasonal pains to Seasonal affective Disorder, the winter months can really bring you down both physically and mentally.
Fortunately, massage is here to help and give you the winter boost. Massage therapy during winter offers you the health and vitality you need to make it through.

Massage fights seasonal twinges and pains

Winter arrives with many labor-intensive activities such as scooping, scraping, plowing, and trudging through snow, which actually can cause pains in your lower back, shoulders, forearms, and joints. Massage is a wonderful way to deal with these stiffness, achy joints and muscle pains and boosts your energy to make it through until the thaw.

Massage boosts the immune system

Our immune systems gets weaker during the winter, which makes us more prone to developing the cold and flu. But luckily, we have the solution – massage. Massage stimulates the lymph nodes that actually allow white blood cells to defend against infections and disease. Regular massages during cold can make you less likely to catch a cold or have to rely on medications to fend off one.

Improves mental health
Seasonal depression is very common during winter months. Massage can improve mental health by reducing your stress levels. When you feel relaxed, the body’s feel-good hormones serotonin and endorphins are released and that increase your feelings of happiness.

Having frequent massage sessions during this time will keep those winter blues and stress away.

Improves blood circulation

During the cold season, you are more vulnerable to suffer from higher blood pressure and lower blood circulation since the winter causes blood vessels to constrict. This contraction may lead to joint aches and muscle pain, which is very common during winter.
Massage therapy can help improve blood circulation and blood flow to joints and muscles – releasing pain and warming up your body.