The Four Incredibly Simple Ways to Change Your Sex Life With Tantra

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February 29, 2020
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April 30, 2020
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The Four Incredibly Simple Ways to Change Your Sex Life With Tantra

In this stressful time, if your sex life has become anything like boring scheduled weekdays nights under the sheets, you certainly need a refreshing tantric sex session to spice up your sex life. With the passing time, as we spend more and more time with the same person, the interest and excitement gradually start to fade from the bedroom.

Nothing can be more spiritually fulfilling and exciting than Tantric sex, it certainly helps you experience profound pleasure and forge a tighter bond with your partner.

Unlike yoga or Zen, Tantric sex can help you feel the celestial energy of the universe and attain enlightenment. Today, Tantric sex is known for being some of the most fulfilling and longest sexual experiences a couple can have.

At the end, the purpose of Tantric sex is to help couples finding the lost interest in each other and discover a deeper level of intimacy and the pleasures of sex in every part of their bodies.


Benefits of Tantric Sex

Mastering the art of Tantric sex actually take years, but trying is fun with plenty of benefits. With consistency, you will enjoy the orgasms quickly, and have multiple orgasmic experiences per session.

Couples begin to focus on letting sexual energy flow through them rather than building towards a single climax. Women practicing Tantric sex become less concerned about missing their orgasm and allow them to happen more naturally, often taking them by surprise.

Multiple orgasms and prolonged ejaculation are the prime motive of Tantric Sex. This practice will also help you prolong the act of sex, extend the pleasure, which is beyond the act of orgasm itself.

Besides the above-mentioned benefits, it also it helps increase blood circulation, it detoxifies the body, and strengthen the immune system, which all together give you a longer, healthier life.

Prepare for the Act

Preparation for intimate, passionate and enjoyable sex is a must act because you are not going to have raw, quick or animal sex. You require mental preparation which can be accomplished by making your surround perfectly romantic like soft lighting, and soothing smells from candles, incense, or flowers just for a perfect mood and intimate spice.

Before the act itself, the couple also need a relaxing hot bath to shake off all of stress and tension from the body. You will certainly feel that your whole body has become astoundingly more sensitive.


Focus on Your Breathing

Focus on your breathing that’s the key of Tantric sex success. Some Tantric couples attain the orgasm purely by breathing properly. But if you are new, it will require time to master the level of skill. However, consistent practice can make you there.

During this session, remember to shar your breath with your partner. Sit before each other and visualise the whole thing together, means reach into the zone and rise up and down through your body.

As you harmonize, rock forward and backward with your inhale and exhale, feel the connection between you and the sexual sensations rising as you push and pull within the energy field.


Awaken the Sexual Energy

Awaken the sexual energy, kundalini, resting within the body like a coiled serpent. To awaken it within, tantric massage is recommended because it takes you to a zone where you can think of nothing but your erotic desires.

To accomplish your goal, massage your partner’s body at nine points, right from the nipples to the groin, and it will help stimulate both kundalini for the act of love-making.


Uniting the Energies

Tantric sex has numerous different positions, and to begin with you can try with the easier one – the Maithuna (Divine Union) that aligns the energy chakras of both partners.

The Tantric sex is ultimately about union, the union between you and your partner and the boundary is forgotten.

Helene is highly-regarded tantra masseuse offering tips and techniques to a better tantric practice.